SAP Solutions


The best solutions for your business

We have the best technological solutions for each of the areas of your business, with the best and easily accessible technology platforms to be able to establish them in your business and take it to the next level.


Cash Flow

It is a SAP solution that allows you to visualize in detail and in real time the income and expenses of the company.

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Humanergy SAP

It is a WEB platform for personnel administration, organizational development and corporate integration. Humanergy operates autonomously or connected to SAP HCM.

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Electronic Billing

Nuestra solución toma la factura generada en SAP en el módulo SD o FI, la envía a cualquier PAC (Proveedor de Certificación Autorizado) y la devuelve a SAP en formato XML y PDF oficial con folio fiscal, sello y sello.

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Suppliers Portal

Web platform connected to SAP that allows you to automatically receive and validate invoices from your suppliers.

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Electronic Accounting

Solution in SAP that allows companies to generate their electronic accounting with the requirements issued by the SAT.

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SAP solution designed to determine exactly the amount that should be granted to the employee as a per diem advance based on your policies or regulations through predictive parameters.

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Budget Control

Solution in SAP that allows the entity to have visibility of the exercise of its budget in real time and in a consolidated manner.

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Assisted Creating of Materials

It allows integrating in a single transaction the areas involved in the creation of a new material, notifying them and allowing them to capture the status, details and characteristics of the material.

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